We Are More Than Food

AWOG is a small family-owned restaurant that brings street food and casual dining to a whole nother level. With 35 years of 4 and 5-star experience, we use only the best ingredients from around the world and from right down the street to expertly prepare foods in a chill setting!

Pulling inspiration from The Mediterranean, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and North America, our cuisine focus on the amazing street foods found in four of the major regions of the world. Great food, awesome drinks, good music, and good friends... seriously, could it get any better?

Yes, because there is more to our story than great food! Passion is what drives our business. Passion for cooking, for ingredients and technique, for hospitality, for adventure, and passion for life.

Established in 2020

After 35 years of fine dining experience, we decided to redirect our focus to simply cooking great meals for our community. With exceptional service and a fun, relaxed environment, in February of 2020, A World of Good was born!


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As Green as Limes & Cilantro

How could we live in this beautiful area and not think about helping the environment? We want to have a positive impact on our planet and we know that starts with the decisions we make right here in our community. Without the planet, we wouldn’t have salsa for our tacos!


AWOG thanks the environment by only stocking napkins, cups, and cutlery made from 100% renewable resources, and our used cooking oil is turned into fuel for cars. so we don’t use any Plasticware because it could wind up in the Chesapeake Bay.